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CHAPTER ONE is a community of thoughtful, like-minded, and vulnerable individuals committed to lifelong personal, professional, and spiritual growth and development.


We are a member-based community that studies books together to enrich our lives with knowledge and fulfillment. 


We contribute our stories, experiences, and perspectives to enrich others and learn about ourselves.


We motivate our Members to challenge the status quo.


We are driven to challenge and to support people to become their best selves.


We create a confidential, safe environment to promote vulnerability and authenticity.


We are committed to being fully present, actively listening and passionately engaging in the experience of CHAPTER ONE.


Our Members are curious explorers, lifelong learners, open-minded adventurers, professional leaders, compassionate supporters and inquisitive students of the human condition.







To train and develop yourself in a relevant skill useful in all areas of life,


To dive deeply into your life and vulnerably share yourself inside of the commitment to personal development and personal expansion,


To contribute meaningfully and openly to educate, enlighten, encourage and support other members in their journey,


To elevate who you are and how you contribute to the world,


To expand your perspective and your view of life,


To discuss different perspectives with compassion and without judgment,


To create community amongst like-minded people and to have fun, to learn and to meet new people.






As Chapter One, we commit to continuously learning and actively applying knowledge to all aspects of our lives. 


We believe in the power of vulnerability and accountability, and support each other in reaching ever higher planes of existence. 


We commit to being fully present and engaged with our community, to encouraging and respectfully challenging each other within a safe and powerful space.

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